Welcome to Dance

My name is Lena Lagos and I will be your child’s Dance teacher this school year.  I received my dance training from Boynton Beach Community High School dance academy, Ballet Florida, Southern Dance Theatre, and New World School of the Arts. Summer and winter training at prestigious schools such as, Ballet Florida, Martha Graham, Alvin Aliey and Thomas Armour Youth Ballet.  

After graduating from Boynton Beach Community High School dance academy, I was offered a full scholarship to attend New World School of the Arts. During that time I was offered to dance with Peter London Global Dance Company. I have performed locally with various companies, such as Dancers Edge Company and Peter London Global Dance. Company experiences include ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz and tap.  

Why teach children’s dance and what are the benefits?  

Children can use dance to express and communicate their ideas and feelings.  Dance builds coordination, grace; develops self-esteem, self-concept and awareness, enhances focus, concentration and observational skills.  Many professional athletes take dance classes for the psychomotor and cognitive benefits.

The K-2nd Grade Curriculum will include:

  • Dance classroom etiquette 

  • Proper stretching technique taught through themed based concepts (turtle hides in his shell)

  • Directions (up stage, down stage, front, back & side, high, low & middle, right & left)

  • Basic ballet barre and center taught through theme based concepts (weight transfer, balances, plie’, eleve’, tendu, degage’, sauté, feet and arm positions, point and flex feet)

  • Movement across the floor, and learning to keep time (count) with music: Claps, snaps, walks, marches, runs, skips, gallops, slides, turns, run and leap

  • Social, seasonal and cultural dances including theme based dance combinations.

The 3-5th Grade Curriculum will include:   

  • Structured ballet, jazz & tap classes (dressing in formal dance attire)  

  • Level II students will review level I material and progress into more advanced steps. They will move through 1-5 feet and arm positions

  • Jumps: Glissade, assemble’, jete, pas de chat will be added

  • Single pirouettes, chaine turns and preparation for pique’ turns 

  • Ballet variations and jazz combinations appropriate to the level I or II student

  • Prepare students to audition for a middle school of the arts program

I look forward to introducing your child to, and teaching your child about… the magical world of dance!


Lena Lagos

[email protected]