Welcome to Drama with Mrs. Dunca

Theatre should play an important role in education, as an all-encompassing discipline that
allows the student to explore, understand, and strengthen self-knowledge in many ways. This art form
has the ability to strengthen collaboration skills and sharpen problem-solving abilities while
instilling discipline and giving individuals a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.

The curriculum is based on:
Techniques/Styles/Mediums taught: Dramatization, Choral Speaking, Tableaux, Role
Playing, Improvisation, Drama Games, Script Writing and Critiquing
Type of instruction (ie. group class, peer mentoring, partner work, etc.): Drama ishands-on, experiential learning and engages mind, body, voice, space and emotions tointerpret and convey to others information and ideas.
Group Learning, Peer Mentoring, Partner Work, Individual
Instruments taught (if applicable): Musical Theatre, Script Analysis, Script Writing,Character Development, Stage Directions, Set Design, Props
Special equipment (ie. all Apple computer lab, fully functioning tv studio): Sound
System, Lightboard, Microphone

Click here for highlights of a recent performance of Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

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