Graphic Design

Welcome to Graphic Design with Mr. Miller
Chris Miller

Grade 6 Digital Art & Design class curriculum 
is focused on design thinking, problem solving, and exposing students to the many facets and careers that make up Digital Art & Design. Working both on and off the computer, students will be challenged to create unique designs, develop their drawing and critical thinking skills, and learn to navigate a world where designers are asked to wear many hats. 

Grade 6 Art In World Cultures class curriculum takes a look at the art of the world's cultures over time through the lens of design. Beginning with Agriculture and the start of civilization we travel the timeline of art history through project based learning. Students will work on projects such as garden design, pottery and designs of the ancient world, communication design from different cultures, and more. 

K-5 Graphic Design class curriculum is designed to introduce the ideas of design to elementary students. During this fine arts time, students are introduced to the elements of art and principles of design. Students work on projects that challenge their thinking and develop artistic skills both individually and in groups. 

Mr. Miller is a US Air Force veteran with a diverse background. He has worked in TV Production, graphic design, social media marketing, and journalism.

As a skateboarder & artist, Miller has travelled around the globe to create murals, teach workshops, and experience different cultures. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a BFA in Design and an MAT in Art Education. He also holds an Associates Degree in Motion Picture & Television Production from Palm Beach State College.