Caring First

Caring First
Posted on 10/11/2019

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Why are supports needed?

There are times when students experience social, emotional concerns or stressful events that may impact their mental health. When mental health challenges become intense, it may effect a young person's ability to learn, stay on track at school, and develop positive healthy relationships.

Students are more likely to seek and receive mental health support when these services are available on the school campus. The school district's Behavioral and Mental Health Plan expanded the supports available to students facing mental health challenges.

By whom?

School counselors, school psychologists, family counselors, and school behavioral health professionals are in place at your child's school to provide social, emotional, behavioral and mental health supports to students. In addition, approximately 100 district schools also have a licensed mental health therapist from a local community agency on campus to provide therapeutic individual counseling services to students that are free of charge.

The school district also partners with many local community agencies that provide additional supports and services to children and families outside of the school setting. Please refer to the additional resources listed.